Recommended Resources

I'm often asked by attendees for good resources. There are lots of books out there, but only a few are worth owning. The ones I have listed are the best I've found. The following is a list of books and items that I personally own, use, and recommend. I have a link to these items on Amazon. If you click on the link here to order you can help support my mission to connect people to their environment. 

Books on Herbalism 

I can't recommend this book enough!  It has great photos, and many of the plants in this book are found in the Midwest

Here is another great book.  Perfect for learning herbs by the body systems.  Great photos of the plants. 

The most comprehensive book on making medicine from herbs

This is a great book! The author has many of his personal accounts of his experiences with the plants. Great information and photos! 

This book is chock full of recipes for everything herbal. Start making your own medicines.

Another great book. Great photos and recipes. Learn to make your own wellness products

Books of foraging and cooking with wild foods 

This is Sam's first book. As with all of his books it is well written with great photos. A must have!

Another great book by Sam. If you want to learn foraging Sam's books are a must. He will make you a confident forager

This is Sam's second book. As with all of his books they are a must have! 

What can I say, Another  must have book! If you want to an amazing overview of plants this is the book for you

This book is destine to become a classic. After the harvest this is the book you will want. Great photos, cooking techniques, and recipes

This is the perfect book for a foodie. If you want unique flavors you can't get anywere else this is the book for you

This is a must have book. Euell Gibbons the grandfather to modern foraging. The book is filled with short anecdotal stories and personal experience.  

Mushrooms Identification and uses 

If you want to learn to make mushroom extracts and tinctures this is the book for you. The back of the book is filled with links to numerous studies. It's in a class all by itself. 

One of the best books to understand plant families. It will help you quickly learn plants.  

Great Reads About nature 

This is a great book if you want to learn more about nature. The writing is so elegant. 

Crossing the Driftless 

A great book about the Driftless Area. Lynne is such a great writer! This book will make you want to get out on the water

Useful Items for foraging and herbalism

The only mushroom knife you will ever need

The handiest funnel strainer set. Perfect for teas, long infusions, and decanting herbs