I have been fortunate, early in my herbalism training, to have learned from Vince and his wide knowledge of Midwestern herbs. Just a few herb walks with Vince, along with my journal and a camera, gave me the confidence to seek out more formal training with a local master herbalist, based on his recommendation. Vince understands the uses and knows how to identify herbs throughout their growth cycles. Expect to learn a wealth of information. 

Rosanne L. Madison, WI

Master Herbalist

I highly recommend Vince's nature walks for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. I learned more about the plants around me on one of Vince's walks than I did in years of camping and backpacking. This is a fantastic way to become more in tune with your natural surroundings, and you will be immersed on future hikes like never before. Thanks, Vince!

Michael Kroker

2023 Walk attendee

"Vince Aiello is a studious consumer of knowledge and skills pertaining to harvesting and utilizing beauty and benefits from our wondrous world of wilderness. Through doing and learning such a wide range of nature related topics and activities, he has become an impressive and invaluable resource to those seeking to expand their own knowledge of the natural world that surrounds us. From his endless array of  stunning photographic nature captures, to his raw survival skills, expansive knowledge of wild edibles and medicinals and many interesting and useful facts about so many things that the average citizen wouldn't be expected to be aware of, it is easy to see that this is a guy that our current culture sorely needs. Pair all this with Vince's outward personality and comedic sense of humor, and his ever-improving teaching and writing skills, this is a person who leaves behind a network of positive impacts throughout life. If you get the chance to learn from him, share or support his endeavors, you should take it!"

Fellow wild edible/nature enthusiast and Vince's long-time friend, 

- Blaise Treinen

I signed up for a full season of walks with Vince in 2023. Every walk Vince hosted gave participants hands-on experience in identifying plants and instructed us in many of their uses as well as historical lore. From teas to tinctures to snacks, we were always finding something useful and often delicious along the routes he planned. As we regularly visited a wide variety of parks around Dane County, we were shown the same plants in diverse settings, stages of growth, and from different perspectives allowing participants to build confidence in plant identification. I was able to apply much of the knowledge he shared in a practical sense after occasions such as a surprise poison ivy patches in the Porkies, seasonal allergies in Wisconsin, or bee stings in the yard. Looking forward to the next season of walks! 

Katie O, Madison WI                 Full Series Participant, 2023

"This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that most people have not been offered, and here Vince is coming into your life and giving you this opportunity with minimal effort on your behalf. My wife and I are so happy we partook, and plan to continue for years to come. There's just so much information to learn and it is incredibly rewarding when you do. :) Vince's walks exceeded my expectations in many ways, with knot tying, tidbits of historical information and jokes! (Vince has a great sense of humor). You won't regret it."

-Matt K, Madison WI
Full Series Participant, 2022